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About Srilanka( Land of Miracles)          

The “Perfect holiday” is not hard to find in this lovely island filled with endless splendor and charm. From Pristine beaches to wildlife to culture and heritage to the cool climes in the hill country, Sri Lanka is filled with places to explore.

May it be the ideal honeymoon destination for a newlywed couple or an activity packed holiday for friends or simply a chance to explore another country; Sri Lanka is an island which will surpass your highest expectations.

Known to anyone as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is nothing short of a paradise on earth. Turquoise waters, pristine white shores, golden sun only begin to describe what this lovely island has to offer.

Famous for its beaches, the soft shores of this tropical island take two colours as you go along the coast, while the southern end of the island boasts soft golden shores, the Eastern area’s pristine white beaches are unparalleled in its beauty. The word “stunning” doesn’t begin to describe the wide expanse of turquoise Blue Ocean which beholds you along the coast.

No matter which corner of the island you choose to go, endless beach activities await you. From boat rides to diving and snorkeling to surfing or simply laying on the soft sand soaking up the golden rays, these locations will provide you with the perfect beach holiday. Lush green hills and magnificent cascading falls in the central hill country, amazing nature and wildlife and unique cultural heritage mixed with truly warm hospitality makes this a tropical paradise.


Starting from January, right along to the month of December you’ll find various types of Events, festivals and celebrations all around the country, where people of all religions and Nationalities, together in unity gather together as one to celebrate these occasions.

As a cultural country filled with customs and tradition, Sri Lanka offers locals and visitors vibrant events for visitors to indulge in. Whether they are religious or customary, each event holds a set of traditions that are required to be carried out.

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries with a very vast and rich cultural diversity. The culture is itself very unique and thereby contributes to the Sri Lankan identity. Sri Lankan culture includes a lot of customs and rituals, whish date to more than 2000 years which were handed down from generation to generation. The most prominent feature of the Sri Lankan is its colourful festivals , which is one of the main tourist attractions. Religion plays an important role in molding the Sri Lankan culture and traditions.

Sri Lankan culture if often reflected by the use of art, architecture, sculptures ,and even food. Some people would say that Sri Lanka has a more conventional culture which is obviously influenced by the prominent religions prevailing the country such as buddhism, hinduism, islam , etc. The Sri Lankan way of life is very simple and filled with humility and happiness , this is one of the reasons why the Sri Lankans have a very great sense in appreciating the simple things in life such as nature.

One of the main features of the culture is its Indian and Europen influence. Since most of the time Sri Lankan kings married Indian princesses they incorporated Indian culture into ours but still preserving the unique Sri Lankan identity. The European influence was a result of invasion from the Dutch and Portugese and finally the British. Hospitality is also one of the prominent characteristics of the culture, making Sri Lankans one of the friendly nations in the world.

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